Friday, September 5, 2008

the art of parenting

I was asked by my sister in law jen to draw up the cover for the next issue of Parenting in the OC, where she is currently the editor. I happily agreed, then thought about what I would draw for a few seconds. And then I went back to eating my sandwich which consisted of swiss cheese and turkey breast. I had also put mayo and mustard on it; a combo which I was opposed to for several years, but then regained a fondness for the both of them together... That information neither here nor there.


Fidjeridodu said...

Hellooo Sandwich man !
Cool ta petite illu ^_^
ça se passe bien ta rentrée à CalArts ?
see ya !

Andres said...

heeee flosito!!
ouais ici tout va bien. et la bas vous etes en pleines cours?