Thursday, May 7, 2009


The cover

designed by Barney Patterson

The film

Lifeline from Andres Salaff on Vimeo.

Some stills

concept drawing

the factory

the professor

the morph

very early story beats

some storyboards

This is just some of the preproduction process of "Lifeline," my fourth year film at Calarts. I could never have finished this film without the help of my amazing girlfriend Sunha Yoon. Check out the website


Matthew Long said...

Hey Andres, this turned out really good. I like the surreal qualities of it while you maintained a clear narrative. The part where he breaks down into cubes and gets morphed after the car look great.

ALEXIS said...

hey Andres, i've just discover your short, it's really great, must have been a lot of work to do that by yourself. I really like the idea,rythm and stagging works really good too. bravo :)
So are you done with your year now? how is Gaëlle? when do you send her back to us? take care dude :)

Maïlys said...

wow andrès!! il est super ton film, l'ambiance, tout! bravo! j'adore ton style narratif!! génial!

Andres said...

Thanks Matt, the story went through several changes before becoming clear. i guess thats normal though.

Thanks Alexi for the feedback, we are pretty much done here. Gaelle is well, she will be headed back very soon. take care duuude!

mailys! merci, j'ai envi de voir vos filmes!

c'est moi Carrie said...

dude. sweet film.
Thats a really powerful piece.

Pablo Calvillo said...

muy muy chingon,
la parte que mas me gusta es cuando esta callendo entre los arboles,

Andres said...

carrie, thanks for the feedback. hope all is well in france!

gracias pablo, fue divertido esa parte de animar.

Mad Max Winston said...

freaking great! I hadn't seen it yet. Me likey.

Joshua Dotson said...

Bravo senoir Andres! Bravo!... Balicimo!! hot shit!

Harald said...

What a nice masterpiece of film. I´m really really impressed!

Andres said...

thanks guys!

le bienheureux said...

wow Andres !!
Tu get super duper balèze mec ^^

super film!

Ryan! said...

your film was so wonderful this year andres!! I'm sorry I don't get to see another one from you!

Anonymous said...


bac-à-sable said...

Hey,Andres, ton film est super émouvant,ça m'a donné des frissons!
j'ai adoré l'histoire, l'ambiance et la musique :)
comment ça se passe sinon?tu va faire quoi l'année prochaine?

Andres said...

eh briiice, thank you mec. i try and get slip chaussete...

ryan, much appreciated. but dont worry, theres plenty more on the way!

thanks shweeeeeet.

Merci mai!
Tout ici va bien. rien de certain pour l'annee qui viens.

Matthew Long said...

Hey Andres, just saw Lifeline won a student academy award, a very big congratulations to you. I hope everything else is going equally as well for you.

Andres Salaff said...

Thanks Matt! All is well on this side. Hope your doing well too!