Friday, June 18, 2010

ACID commercial

The finished spot

ACID~ a fragrance by Paul Smith from Andres Salaff on Vimeo.

Still shots

Rough story boards

Character Designs

Sunha Yoon and I worked on this spec commercial earlier this year. The job was made for/ with Fortune Cookie made up of show creator Ben Wolfinsohn and esteemed commercial director Pierluca de Carlo. The direction for the look and was inspired by the film A Bout de Souffle. Sunha did backgrounds, fx and compositing while I co-wrote, designed, fx animated, storyboarded, layed out, and animated it. The project was done using pencil and paper, photoshop and after effects. Production took about a month.


Daron said...

this is really cool!!!

Team Diana said...

I can't stop watching this!

Andres Salaff said...

Thanks you guys!

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