Monday, July 5, 2010

Bob Dylan cover

Usually when I do a Dylan cover its with the old six string like "when the rooster crowin at the break of dawn, look out your window and I'll be gone...." (note: I can't actually play that.) But this time was much different. Bob Dylan is one of my favorite musicians so I was stoked when my friends at Beatdom asked me to do a cover for the music-themed issue. They wanted Bob on the cover. After messing around with a few ideas I decided to go with a Gulliver's Travel theme. It made sense to me on some strange level, kind of like some of Dylan's lyrics.
Do a Wallace impersonation from Wallace and Gromit. Now do a Dylan impression... Are they different? If the answer is yes, then pat yourself on the back. You are a regular Darrell Hammond.


Joshua Dotson said...

I love the how the 2 Black Panthers intellectually chatting the day away! lol..

Andres Salaff said...

- all be it as it may... a common negligence when dealing with quantum physics is the fact that cartesian theoretics are deeply rooted in einstein's theory of relativity.
- touché my brotha, touché.

Joshua Dotson said...

well be it may so it be sir Salaff.
A quit sheer of madness brigades the intellect of daily blogeserants..

might'en I unsheath my golden dagger